Tik Tok is a modern social network that has recently gained great popularity among Russian users. Initially, the site originated in China, but now it has begun to actively spread throughout the world.

Almost half of the users of the multimillion social network are adolescents under the age of 20. Because of this, many underestimate the site and do not take it seriously. In this article, we will figure out what TikTok really represents and how to promote your blog here, if you still decided to conquer this social network.

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What is it really — Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is an application with an interface reminiscent of the well-known Instagram. It contains the following sections:

The main. Standard news feed from subscribed accounts.
Interesting. Here TikTok itself invites users to familiarize themselves with popular (or vice versa, new) posts of other users.
Publication. Here you can add your photo or video, edit it, add special effects and more.
Notifications. This is where information about new fans (subscribers are called here), likes, comments and so on comes.
Profile. All information about your account is shown here.
The content is presented in photo and video format. Most often, these are short (up to 15 seconds) videos accompanied by popular music, their amateur video clips: someone is dancing, someone is filming vines, and someone is just pretending to be singing.

All likes and comments under all posts are summarized and displayed in the profile header. They track the popularity of the account.

Some statistics

On average, Russian users log into this social network about seven times a day, spending a total of almost 40 minutes here every day.

In terms of the number of downloads, TikTok has overtaken Instagram.

About 40% of users are teenagers under 18.

TikTok has gained the trust of 500 million users worldwide.

Tik Tok is used in 150 countries in 38 languages.

How to promote your Tik Tok account?
Social networks are an excellent platform for advertising and promoting goods and services, and TikTok is no exception. Now we will analyze the main ways to promote accounts on this social network, because the more popular the account, the more money it can bring to its owner.

#one. Competent packaging of TikTok account
Take this point seriously and competently. Your account is the first thing that a new potential follower sees, and it is also your business card. Everything must be clear, understandable and memorable.

Your nickname should reflect the essence of your account content. If you decide to start blogging, then it is best to name the account with your name. If the account is not tied to a person, but is created to connect interest groups, for example, poetry lovers, the name should reflect this particular area.

Keep your username short to make it easy to remember.

Right after the name, the user goes to the account description. It should be a logical continuation of the nickname and disclose all information about the published content.

Only after thoughtful filling of the account information can you proceed to further actions.

# 2. Filling content
As with any social network, posts are the main source of information. And there should be a lot of it. Start posting several posts a day, gradually gaining the required amount.

The quality of the content is also important. Tik Tok has built support for netizens: posts from different accounts are shown in recommendations, and any photo or video can become popular.

# 3. Quality audience
The quantity and quality of the audience plays a significant role. This is the very indicator from which advertising prices and the value of the account as a whole are directly added. The total number of likes and comments also depends on the activity and volume of the audience.

Everyone knows about services where you can get subscribers / likes / comments on all kinds of Internet sites, and Tik Tok is no exception. This is not prohibited by law). And this method, with a competent approach, is quite effective and relatively inexpensive. But never buy bots. And remember: per day, the arrival should not exceed 100 new fans, otherwise the account may be banned without a trace.